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Oil Change Service in Midwest City, OK


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One of the most important services you can do for your car is an oil change. Oil changes are more in-depth than you might think, and provide an array of benefits for your car. Here at David Stanley Ford, we care about you and your safety while on the road, which is why we offer an oil change service in Midwest City, OK.

We understand that getting a routine oil change can sometimes be a hassle, but we try to make it as convenient as ever. With our service department being open six days a week, finding a time to fit in your oil change will be a breeze! We also allow the ability for you to schedule an appointment through our website, which allows you to squeeze us in when it’s most commodious for you. Whether you’re stopping in before a game at John Conrad Golf Course, or on your lunch break at work, you’ll be in and out in no time.

It’s important to keep in mind how often your car needs an oil change. For most car owners, it’s every 3,000 to 10,000 miles, depending on what kind of vehicle you drive. This equates to roughly every three to six months that you’ll need an oil change service near Midwest City, OK. However, many factors can alter this timeframe or mileage, such as the status of your engine, the type of environment you drive in, and the rates of speeds your car consistently endures. If you’re a weekend adventurer and tend to ride on rough terrain, then it’s strongly advised to check your oil level more often.


Everyone is aware that their car needs a regular oil change, but many don’t fully understand why. While oil does keep the engine running smoothly, it has other jobs, as well. Fresh oil keeps your car’s engine free from harmful substances, such as dust, anti-freeze, moisture, and engine scrapings. The older your oil gets, the more likely it loses its natural additives. These include detergents, dispersants, rust-fighters, and friction reducers, all of which are incredibly important for your engine. Oil also acts as a lubricant, which helps keep your engine parts working harmoniously together.

Whether it’s the sticker on your windshield telling you it’s time to go, or the way your car is running, it’s always best to get an oil change service near Midwest City, OK, sooner rather than later. Schedule an appointment today with our service department here at David Stanley Ford to get your car and engine running smoothly once again!